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What to Expect:


  1. Please remove ALL jewelry that could snag or get tangled in the equipment and be mindful of not wearing clothing that has zippers or buckles (all these things could not only hurt the equipment, but you as well!)

  2. Please dress in tight fitting clothing so you don’t get tangled in the equipment. Workout/yoga pants tight at the ankles, or shorts/leotards with tights or leggings under is suggested.

  3. To avoid injury, students may not participate in class if they are more than 15 minutes late. They may stay to watch and stretch on the ground.

  4. Only one student at a time on the crash pads (unless otherwise instructed).

  5. Please only work on the material covered in class. We encourage you to bring goals and ideas to class, so if you just saw something amazing on YouTube, please ask your instructor about it first 🙂

  6. No gum or food in the studio please (exception of water, please bring your own water bottle! If water is spilled on the floor, please find a towel, and clean it up asap!)

  7. There are shelves/storage to leave shoes and other belongings.

  8. Please do not come to class if you are sick!

  9. Cover all open wounds with appropriately sized band-aids or medical tape. If the injury is on your foot, please wear socks over the bandages to prevent them from coming off.

  10. Please come to class hydrated and fueled up! Not intoxicated.

  11. Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but to protect the little one we cannot allow pregnant women to participate in class unless you get permission from your midwife or doctor. Thank you.

  12. All trash should be disposed of properly.

  13. Talking is allowed in class but please be respectful when your instructor is teaching and pay attention.

  14. When using chalk, please keep hands over the bowl and clean up any spilled chalk.

  15. All the adult rules apply to any kids’ circus and aerial class, and it is extremely important for children to follow ALL instructions given to provide a safe class and enough time for each child to participate (taking turns when necessary).

Aerial Yoga Level 1/2

Aerial Yoga Hammock 1/2 is an all levels class that uses the aerial hammock to move through intermediate yoga and aerial poses. These classes include elements of stretching, strengthening, balance & inversions. Classes using the aerial hammock can include warmups, conditioning, stretching, tricks, inversions, and restorative movements.


Beginner Level Welcome. No experience required.

Aerial Yoga Level 2/3

Put the skills you learned in Level 1/2 together and flow through a series of sun salutations and aerial yoga poses that strengthen and engage the core, linking breath with movement all while supported in the aerial silk yoga hammock. 

Elevate your body and mind to the next level by building strength while flying through the air!

Prerequisites: 5+ Level 1/2 classes.

Lyra/Trapeze Level 1/2

Learn Level 1 & 2 moves on both Lyra and Static Trapeze in this fun flying beginner level class!!

Silks Level 1-3

Hammock Level 1/2

Hammock Level 2/3

Fly Bungee Fitness Level 1/2

This mixed level FLY Bungee class is a low impact, high intensity, and high cardio fun flying workout!


Have fun flying with us and toning muscles while you experience a high cardio, high resistance, yet low impact workout. Clients can expect to burn an average of 350-800 calories in one of the fastest growing workouts!


Please come 10 mins early for any paperwork, to be fitted for your bungee, and to be acclimated to our studio.


Ages 13+ 

Wear comfortable form fitting clothes.

No shoes, socks that grip are recommended. We have socks to rent!

Aerial Open Gym

AERIAL OPEN GYM is NOT a class, it is time to practice the skills you learned in previous classes. AERIAL OPEN GYM sessions are practices where one or more different apparatuses are available for use. An aerial instructor will be present to ensure safety of the practice, but is NOT there to teach nor instruct a class.

LEVEL: Beginners must have taken at least 3-5 aerial sessions of a specific apparatus before enrolling. If you are unsure if you qualify, please call the studio or speak directly to one of our staff members.

Aerial Conditioning

The best aerialist are the ones who prioritize conditioning and basics. Aerial is so fun because the possibilities are endless but if you want to master all the tricks, you have to gain the strength.

This class will include a warm-up and variety of conditioning exercises designed to strengthen different parts of the body and speed up that progress you have been working so hard for.

Ages 13+
No expereince required



Class Cancellation Policy:

You may late cancel no later than 12 hours before the start of any class.

Late cancel/No shows = loss of class or late fee applied to memberships. $20 for yoga classes and $35 for aerial classes fee per member; when class is full or waitlisted ONLY (also applies if client was 1 or 2 of 3 signed in for class).

We will now require 3 or more clients to hold any class. If we do not have 3 sign ups 3 hours before the start of class, that class will be cancelled for that day. If you are the only one signed up you will be notified of the cancel via text.

Cancellations must be made through our online reservation system. Cancellations will not be accepted via e-mail or phone.

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